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Around the World

One of the factors that makes AICR stand out, is its willingness to fund the best science, no matter where it takes place.

We firmly believe that this worldwide approach will prove beneficial in the search for new treatments or cures. After all, if breakthroughs are made that improve our lives, how many of us give a thought to where those breakthroughs took place? What matters is that they did take place.

At the present time we have projects underway in 21 different countries - from the USA to Australia, from Sweden to Italy. 

Take, for example, the development of Aspirin. Historical records traced back to  Hippocrates in 400 BC, reveal it was known that the use of a powder made from the bark and leaves of the willow tree was used to help heal headaches, pains and fevers. From 1828, various scientists working on separate projects in Germany, France and Italy made advances which finally led to the patenting of Aspirin by Beyer in 1889.

Do the millions of people worldwide who use Aspirin ever give a thought to where it was developed?

AICR is currently funding cancer research in the USA, Australia, France, Israel, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Canada and many more countries around the world. At the present time we have projects underway in 21 different countries.

Want to help our efforts and have fun? Why not take part in a sponsored event on behalf of AICR?

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