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By remembering AICR in your will, you are contributing to the fight to make the future free from cancer.

We recognise that a legacy is one of the most personally significant gifts you are likely to make and we stress the importance of seeking legal advice to ensure your wishes are properly expressed in your Will.

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A carefully considered and current Will means that the people and the charitable causes you care about will benefit. Legacies are an increasingly important source of income for charities and AICR has been fortunate in the support it has received from our donors through this form of giving. This generosity has enabled us this to fund the many successful research projects that have contributed to the development of improved treatments and less invasive diagnostic tools.

From AICR’s point of view, the most useful gift is the non-specific legacy, which can be applied to whichever area of cancer research is most in need at the relevant time. However, we recognise that individuals may want to make a more specific gift and this type of bequest is, of course, also welcomed. We sincerely hope that if you do decide to make some kind of provision in our favour, AICR does not have to act on this until some far distant point in the future.

Providing Advice

While we do not provide legal advice on your bequest, we have produced a simple booklet entitled "A guide to remembering AICR in your Will". It contains straightforward, easy to understand advice, as well as a few simple steps that can be followed to ensure everything happens according to your wishes. If you would like a copy, you can download it here. If, however, you would prefer a printed version, please email our Legacy Officer, with your name and address, and she will be happy to send one to you. A reply form is included at the back of this booklet and if you are considering pledging a legacy it would be helpful if you could return this form. This does not commit you to anything, but will help us to ensure that future correspondence on this topic is appropriate.

Legacies should be made in favour the Association for International Cancer Research, which is registered as a charity in Scotland (Number SCO 122918).


* We fund the world's finest minds
* We support research into any cancer        type
* We don't fund buildings
* We fund research 24 hours a day

When the time comes to make or change your Will, please consider leaving a gift to AICR and help us create a future where more people than ever will survive cancer. Thank you.

Talk to us

If you need advice or further information about including a gift to AICR in your will, you can talk in complete confidence to Geraldine Long, our Legacy Manager. You can contact Geraldine by phone on 01334 477910 or by e-mail at

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