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Grants starting April 2002

Projects funded from 1 April 2002

Location: University of Madrid, Spain
Project Title: Modulation of ras-mediated proliferation, tumorigenesis and senescence by thyroid hormone and retinoic acid receptors
Funds Awarded: £75,990

Location: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Project Title: Genetic and cell biological analysis of the involvement in tumorigenesis of Mutated in Colorectal Cancer and Rho GTPase signalling
Funds Awarded: £133,660

Location: University of Bristol, England 
Project Title: Characterisation of a novel, potentially inhibitory isoform, of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Funds Awarded: £102,237

Location: University of Leeds, England 
Project Title: The role of the c-myb proto-oncogene in primitive and definitive haematopoiesis
Funds Awarded: £129,396

Location: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 
Project Title: The role and regulation of the human securin/PTTG oncogene
Funds Awarded: £108,556

Location: Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Scotland 
Project Title: Investigation of the regulation of Scar family proteins by Src family tyrosine kinase: implications for colon cancer metastasis
Funds Awarded: £117,235

Location: Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Scotland 
Project Title: Characterisation of ETL1: A candidate tumour suppressor gene
Funds Awarded: £139,445

Location: The University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Project Title: Function of Ruk, a novel adaptor protein, in tumour cells
Funds Awarded: £118,212

Location: Glasgow University Veterinary School, Scotland 
Project Title: An investigation of Runx 1 function in B-cell development and neoplasia
Funds Awarded: £122,306

Location: University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Project Title: Characterisation of G1/S molecular networks in colon tumours: Identification of pyrimidine metabolic and cell cycle pathways governing chemosensitivity and survival of colon cancer patients
Funds Awarded: £128,970

Location: University of Leicester, England
Project Title: Mitotic regulation of Nek2 protein kinase stability
Funds Awarded: £121,234

Location: Institute of Cancer Research
Project Title: Investigation into the Regulation of Tyrosine Phosphorylation on CDK4
Funds Awarded: £127,702

Location: University of Cambridge, England
Project Title: Human monoclonal antibodies to the MET receptor for cancer therapy
Funds Awarded: £124,080

Location: University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology, England
Project Title: Signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms that control P16 INK4a tumour suppressor gene expression
Funds Awarded: £129,519

Location: University of Dundee, Scotland
Project Title: Contribution of Nrf2 and AhR to the actions of cancer chemopreventive blocking agents in human colon cells
Funds Awarded: £119,162

Location: University College London, England
Project Title: Identification of functional targets of the Kaposi sarcoma associated herpsevirus-encoded cyclin in proliferation and oncogenesis
Funds Awarded: £144,907

Location: The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland 
Project Title: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel inhibitors of the enzyme telomerase as potential anti-cancer drugs
Funds Awarded: £115,500

Location: Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
Project Title: The role of hyaluronic acid in normal and leukaemic haemopoiesis
Funds Awarded: £123,711

Location: University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Project Title: Novel compounds for photodynamic therapy: Design, synthesis, in vitro evaluation and mechanistic studies
Funds Awarded: £45,150

Location: European Institute of Oncology
Project Title: Regulation of the tumour suppressor p53 by the Promyelocytic Protein (PML)
Funds Awarded: £103,500

Location: University of Newcastle, England
Project Title: Retinoid-regulated signalling pathways in medulloblastoma: potential for novel therapies
Funds Awarded: £101,901

Project Title: CNRS UPR-1086 The mechanism by which the Src-Like Adaptor Protein negatively regulates mitogenesis induced by growth factors
Funds Awarded: £102,915

Location: Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Project Title: Regulation of G1-S phase cell cycle progression by cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Cdc34
Funds Awarded: £93,909

Location: National Institue for Medical Research
Project Title: Structural and biochemical basis of Chk2 tumour suppressor kinase activation
Funds Awarded: £133,994

Location: University of Bath, England
Project Title: Natural anti-carcinogenic defence mechanisms and UV damage to skin-novel targets for protective strategies
Funds Awarded: £129,497

Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Project Title: Macromolecular dynamics of DNA end-joining proteins in living cells.
Funds Awarded: £121,500

Location: University of Cambridge, England
Project Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Drug Transport by and Modulation of the Breast Cancer Resistance Protein
Funds Awarded: £114,199

Location: University of Toronto, Canada
Project Title: Function of DDR1 in mammary gland devlopment and breast cancer tumour invasion
Funds Awarded: £103,105

Location: Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Project Title: The Schizosaccharomyces pombe TOR homologues - cellular roles under normal and stress conditions
Funds Awarded: £97,500

By funding only the best science, we ensure that we have the highest chance of making significant progress.  Applications for funding are peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and many are also sent to two experts in the field for external review.



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