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The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

Taking time out from a busy schedule that included Glastonbury and Murrayfield's Live8 concert, Charlie & Craig Reid, better known as The Proclaimers, visited The Association For International Cancer Research in St Andrews. Charlie & Craig were able to see at first hand how we fund some of the most innovative cancer research throughout the world.

Each year AICR awards over £9 million in research grants to scientists whose projects have been rigorously assessed by the charity's Scientific Advisory Committee. Jack Cumming, AICR's e-Commerce Manager welcomed the duo and introduced the team at Madras House before explaining how AICR awards its research grants. Jack also highlighted the recent success of four research projects funded by AICR and how their unique way of funding differs from other research charities. Linsey Cargill of the Grants Department showed Charlie & Craig some of the recent applications that had been successful in being awarded funds. Although funds are awarded to scientists around the world, AICR are delighted that the high calibre of research taking place in Scotland and other parts of the UK has led to awards being made nearer to home. As Jack Cumming explained,

"All of our grants are awarded on merit. Each one is carefully assessed by leading scientists in the field before a final decision is made by our Scientific Advisory Committee. This means that UK scientists are up against the best in the world. It is testament to their high calibre that we are currently funding many projects in Scotland and the rest of the UK."

Craig & Charlie were obviously impressed with the work being carried out by AICR saying,

The Association For International Cancer Research is doing tremendous work on a world wide basis in their fight against all kinds of cancer. It gives us particular pleasure that an organisation of this nature doing work throughout the World is based in Scotland.

 Geraldine Long, Donor Development Manager added,

We are very grateful to Craig & Charlie for taking the time out of their busy schedule to show their support. Cancer research is a painstaking business, but without it, advances in prevention, screening and treatment would not be possible. At AICR we are proud to be funding some of the most promising research, and we are confident that the work of these dedicated scientists will lead to better understanding and knowledge of the disease.


The proclaimers and staff

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