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Stop the Spread of Cancer

A team of AICR funded researchers in London published exciting findings which could lead to a drug to stop breast cancer spreading.

Professor Falasca

The team, led by Professor Marco Falasca at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, has found an enzyme that is necessary for breast cancer cells to spread around the body. Blocking the PLCg1 enzyme prevents the spread of cancer, known as metastasis.

Professor Falasca said:  "Our work not only identifies a molecule that plays a crucial part in the spread of cancer; it also shows how this process might be halted.  We have discovered this using a model system:  the next big challenge is to show that this also happens in patients."

AICR's Scientific coordinator, Dr Mark Matfield said: "This is a really exciting piece of research. The simple fact is that if you stop metastasis, you stop cancer from killing people. We now need to focus on developing drugs that can block PLCg1."

This project received widespread media coverage - read what The Telegraph had to say about it.

By funding only the best science, we ensure that we have the highest chance of making significant progress.  Applications for funding are peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and many are also sent to two experts in the field for external review.



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