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Research Evaluation

AICR is an organisation supported entirely by voluntary donations. In order for us to continue raising the money we need to fund research, it is important for us to show our donors that the research we have funded in the past has led to scientific or medical advances. It is therefore crucial for us to capture the outcomes of the research we fund.

You will all have been contacted recently about setting up portal accounts in CCGT to enable you to manage your grants. AICR will continue to manage grants and reporting through this system, but we have also recently joined Researchfish, an online survey database developed from MRC e-Val. We will use this to establish whether this is a good way for us to gather further information about research outputs and outcomes. 

Researchfish is designed to allow you to upload outcome data about your research to multiple funders easily and quickly. Many of you will already have experience of using Researchfish through other funding bodies. If you have already created a Researchfish account for another funder you should log in using your existing account details, or by following the above link to be able to manage your AICR grant details.

More than 50 UK research funding bodies are already members of Researchfish, including MRC, Cancer Research UK, Prostate Cancer UK, and many more, so it is likely that those of you who have not already used Researchfish, will need to start using it soon. Once you have created an account it will be very easy for you to attribute any outcomes from your grant, such as a publication, directly to AICR, as well as any other funding bodies that are using Researchfish.

What you will need to do

You will automatically receive an email from Researchfish asking you to register. You then need to:

  • Register and start building your profile and research portfolio
  • keep your portfolio updated throughout the year and also your CV
  • submit this information to us once yearly (although more frequent updates will also be accepted)-dates tbc.                


Further details will follow, as required on this website.

Researchfish hold regular, twice weekly, webinar sessions to help you get started.

Check the list of frequently asked questions to see if your query can be resolved there.

For technical queries please contact the Researchfish support team. For any other queries, please email our Science Impact Manager, Gwen Wathne


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