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Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi 2

Known around the world as an actor, writer and director, oscar winning Peter Capaldi is much sought after.

A native of Glasgow, Peter studied at the Glasgow School of Art and it was while there that he landed his breakthrough role in Bill Forsyth's "Local Hero". The story of an American oil executive trying to buy up an entire Scottish village in order to build an oil refinery caught the public's imagination and became a worldwide success.

Speaking to AICR's Donor Development Manager, Geraldine Long, Peter said,

There can't be many people who have not been touched by cancer. For myself I have lost a number of relatives and friends, so many when I count it up, and have seen first hand the effects the illness has on them and their loved ones. Obviously the older I've become the more casualties I've seen the disease take in the generations ahead of me but I've also watched it creep into the lives of my peers and sadly have seen it at work in those much younger than myself.

It is an indiscriminate and formidable force that needs to be fought with the greatest commitment and rescource. AICR is at the forefront of this fight, and needs whatever help we can give it.

"With contributions from like minded people, we have been funding cutting edge research for 33 years - with your help we can continue to do so."

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