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On this page, you will find all of the booklets, leaflets and newsletters produced by AICR. These range from general health advice to more specific areas such as prostate cancer. Feel free to download them and read at your leisure.

The publications are intended to be both informative and interesting. Any comments you may have regarding anything in them would be gratefully received. If you would prefer a printed copy of any of the publications, please email us at

AICR Annual Review
Our newsletter - Progress



* Note for those living outside the United Kingdom - This booklet has been written primarily to help those who are thinking of writing their Will in the UK. It therefore reflects UK law. If you are outside the UK the law in your country relating to Wills may be different. It is therefore strongly recommended that when drawing up your Will you seek professional advice from a legal advisor. That said, we hope this booklet will still be of help to you as you consider how you wish your estate to be distributed.

By funding only the best science, we ensure that we have the highest chance of making significant progress.  Applications for funding are peer reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and many are also sent to two experts in the field for external review.



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