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AICR supports a number of scientific meetings and conferences throughout the year. In 2012/13 they include:

FEBS Workshop - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Angiogenesis

  • 14-17 October 2012
  • Hotel La Palma/Palazzo dei Congressi, Capri, Italy
  • The workshop focused on molecular factors and multiple cellular elements, mainly inflammatory cells, involved in new vessel formation. Among the model systems of pathological angiogenesis, attention will be focused on cancer and ocular neovascularization. The latest advancements in therapeutic approaches to control neovascularization were presented.
  • On Sunday October 14th, AICR sponsored a talk by Lena Claesson-Welsh on VEGFR2 signalling pathways; in vivo mapping.


NCRI Cancer Conference

  • 3-7 November 2012
  • BT Convention Centre, Liverpool
  • The conference themes were Diagnosis and Therapy, Epidemiology & Prevention, Information, Patients & the Public, Survivorship & End of Life Care, The Cancer Cell and Model Systems and Tumour Specific Research.
  • AICR supported the conference with a trade stand.
  • A number of sessions focusing on clinical oncology were organised in collaboration with the Royal College Radiologists (RCR). Two lecture sessions took place on Tuesday 6 November, one on lung cancer and another on acute oncology.


Genes & Cancer Meeting 2012

  • 10-12 December 2012
  • University of Warwick
  • Genes and Cancer 2012 will bring together key investigators at the forefront of cancer research and will provide opportunities for postdocs and graduate students to present their work in poster sessions and in a selected set of short talks.
  • The programme will feature a line-up of international speakers and sessions on Metabolism and Stress, Cancer Frontiers, Gene Expression and signalling, Cancer Genomics & Therapeutics and Chemical Biology & Therapeutics. The key note speaker on Monday 10th December is Professor Norbert Perrimon.
  • AICR will sponsor Professor Charles Swanton, from CR-UK London Research Institute, who will be speaking on Cancer Genomics & Therapeutics on Wednesday 12th December.
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International Conference on Cancer Prevention 2013 with Consensus Conference on Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer

  • 15-16 March 2013
  • Milan, Italy
  • The session will cover scientific considerations in Prostate Cancer, Early Detection, Prognosis and Management of Low Grade Disease, Review of Chemoprevention Trials, Novel agents in Chemoprevention and the Current Policy for Prostate Cancer Screening and Chemoprevention.
  • The meeting will be held alongside the 28th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress. Summary findings will be presented in the EAU congress plenary session prostate cancer on 19th of March.
  • On Friday 15th March, AICR will sponsor Professor Rosalind Eeles from London to speak on GWAS as a biomarker for Risk Prediction.


 BSCB/BSAB Spring Meeting

  • 17-20 March 2013
  • University of Warwick
  • The meeting features a series of plenary and parallel sessions, with an outstanding line up of speakers from around the world. There are three highlight prize lectures –the Hooke Medal Lecture (BSCB), Waddington Medal Lecture (BSDB) and the Beddington prize lecture (best PHD student) as well as poster sessions and social events
  • On Tuesday 19th March, AICR will sponsor Dr Anna Bigas from Fundacio Institut Mar d’Investigacions Mediques (IMIM), Barcelona, Spain to speak on Stem Cells and Regeneration.


FASEB - Regulation and Function of Small GTPases

  • 2-6 June 2013
  • The conference will be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. FASEB conferences are designed to be held in unique destinations specialized in hosting small groups of professionals, who meet closely and without distractions to explore new approaches to research areas undergoing rapid scientific change.
  • A series of talks and workshops will be held with speakers from all over the world. AICR will sponsor a speaker for the event.


RUNX transcription factors in development & disease 

  • 6-19 June 2013
  • The EMBO workshop will take place in Wilsede, a village in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath in Northern Germany (between Hamburg and Hannover).
  • The purpose of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together scientists of different disciplines to discuss new findings on RUNX transcription factors in development and disease. The underlining aim is to expose researchers to different systems (e.g. hematopoiesis, osteogenesis, neurogenesis), different model systems (invertebrate and vertebrate), and different cellular processes (stem cell maintenance, cell cycle control, and differentiation) to stimulate new ideas and synergistic interactions.
  • AICR is a sponsor of the event.


International Cancer Conference – PHD Students


Beatson Conference – Targeting the Tumour Stroma

  • 7-10 July 2013
  • University of Glasgow
  • This meeting will highlight recent exciting research into the role played by the tumour stroma in cancer progression and how agents may be developed to treat the disease by targeting tumour associated cells, such as immune cells and fibroblasts, the tumour vasculature and the tumour extracellular matrix.


8th European Zebrafish Meeting

  • 9-18 July 2013
  • Held in Barcelona, Spain, the meeting will bring scientists from all over the world together to discuss the latest developments with Zebrafish in the form of sessions, workshops, poster sessions and accompanying social events. 
  • AICR will sponsor Liz Patton who will chair the session on cancer.


Translational Workshop on Ataxia Telangiectasia


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