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2003 Fellow - Dr Gareth Inman


AICR Fellow / Junior Group Leader, Growth Signalling

Beatson Institute, United Kingdom (Scotland)

Funds Awarded

Period of Award
1st October 2005 - 30th September 2009

Project Title
Mechanisms of Tranforming Growth Factor-Beta Signalling in Growth Control, Apoptosis and Tumour Progression.

Project Summary
Cells talk to each other by releasing short-acting hormone-like molecules, which stimulate nearby cells to do various things: multiply, stop multiplying, change their appearance, move around, etc.  One of these short-acting hormone-like molecules – called TGFbeta – has been found to play an important role in controlling whether normal and cancerous cells multiply or die.  Sometimes, cancer cells make themselves multiply by releasing TGFbeta which then comes straight back and stimulates the same cell to divide.  Dr Inman is going to investigate exactly how cells decide to release TGFbeta and what happens to other cells when they are influenced by it.

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